Saturday, December 6, 2008

। । परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नमः । ।

We, the humans, exist on this plane with a mixed and scattered state of consciousness. We take birth, live and eventually die in the same state without making much addition, much evolution of this part of the characteristic of our existence. In order to understand this, at least logically, and have a clear perception of this Path towards the Evolution of Consciousness, let us look into its various Stages that treads towards its final destiny, which in fact is the Real Goal for The Mankind. These can be categorized, by order of ascension, as “The Seven Stages” through which this Path and its characteristics can be mapped. No, we are not going to talk on Seven Chakras of The Kundalini :-)

STAGE-1 : Dukha – Kashta (Affliction)

This is the First Stage and the consciousness at this stage is experiencing Affliction. Afflictions can be as a result of various worldly problems and attachments. Some afflictions are psychological; some are physical and sometimes are in inter-relation. In this state, the consciousness is blinded with a mist…a mist that envelopes its sense of true perception and tries to keep it blindfolded with a cloud (dust, smoke & dirt) of worldly disorders, surrounding and captivating it with its constant turbulent motion. The Being, experiences sheer hardship and is surmounted with a load of problems & challenges that constantly impedes its ‘sense of enjoyment’. It is to be noted that, each of these stages are actually instrumental in creating a platform for a jump to the next stage. Just when the individual consciousness is surrounded by troubles and challenges, it gets the wisdom which gears it forward towards to next stage which is Gyan.

STAGE-2 : Gyan (Knowledge)

The Stage of Knowledge is multi-faceted. Knowledge can be of a variety of fields, multiple aspects, and from various premises. In Stage-1, the perception which was blinded by a mist of dusty clouds gets a better clarity and the consciousness can clearly identify the nature and the movement of the multiples aspects surrounding it in the course of its existence. This, in effect results in the illumination of Consciousness through Knowledge (Gyan). There is a threat though of the being’s indulgence remaining entangled only within the playfield of Knowledge without further ascension, but Gyan in real sense makes a ground for Stage-3, which is Action. Knowledge if not followed by Action is futile & stagnant.

STAGE-3 : KarmaUdhyamParakram (Action)

Action is the third step that emerges as a result of the correct assimilation of Knowledge. That is to put Knowledge into Practice. It is needless to explain, as most of us are totally aware of this state and are inevitably compelled into it, failing which our sustenance remains at stake. However, the purpose and result of Action is for ‘Creation of Awareness’…..Awareness towards The Body and further leading to Awareness of The Mind, which is Stage-4.

STAGE-4 : Sharir & Maan (Body & Mind)

Awareness makes all the difference. In the first three Stages although the Being has knowledge of its Body and it tries to intellectually utilize the Mind….but the Skill that is expressed, the Judgment that is practiced is the Skill and Judgment of a Somnambulist…..devoid of any Awareness. Action, not necessarily for only the sake of earning livelihood and fulfilling desires, but can sometimes be directed also towards the Real Goal……that is for Liberation, for Emancipation….and can be effectively used to bring the Body and the Mind into the “Light of Awareness”. Only then the Being, for the first time, becomes truly aware of ‘The Body’….not only Gross but the Subtler levels too. And also of the Mind….Not only of the working Mind, but the deeper realms of the Subconscious unfolds at this Stage. One truly gains an understanding of the finer currents that effect and influences the various states of Body & Mind…..with which we exist.

STAGE-5 : Sukha – Shanti – Santushti (Peace & Happiness)

Once Stage-4 transcends, the attachment with the Body and Mind too transcends. The Ego starts to dissolve, the identification with the Body & Mind dissolves. Such a state, where the realm of one’s own subconscious had got unfolded, can get further subtler and acquire the ability to perceive the subconscious of another Being too (if subjected to deeper contemplation). This is also the Stage of - LoveJ, which is why it’s the Plane of Sukha/Shanti/Santushti. This Sukha is not be confused with Bhoga…it is simply Genuine Sukhanubhuti. True and pure Love emerges in this state…because it’s devoid of any attachment with the Body and the Mind. This is the reason that when two individuals are in Love, it is possible to known each other’s State of Mind/Thoughts…..OR….the True State of Nature/Characteristics (if one of the Subject of Love is some Higher Truth…like, Guru or God).

STAGE-6 : Pragya (Higher Intellect)

Finally, the consciousness reaches a Stage where it gets connected to its underlying untapped & unexplored Unconscious. It’s that storehouse, where all the memories, impressions and experiences of this Soul are safely stored. The answers to all the questions, to all the unresolved doubts get clarified, as the root of this Karmic play becomes absolutely clear. This is the State of The Higher Intellect (Pragya). Also at this Stage, the link to the Cosmic Unconscious can be accessed thus revealing the basis of all the worldly turbulence. Such an experience of Pragyavan understanding makes one stable against all extremities, making one capable of identifying the basis of every disparity and acting upon in response towards the actual cause, instead of the apparent offshoots. Such revelations get possible only due to the absolute dissolution of the Ego (Body & Mind) through Stages-4 & 5.

STAGE-7 : Sakshi (Bliss…Witnessing with Super Consciousness)

At the end of the journey when Total Centralization of the Being’s Consciousness takes place at its Central Core is the Seventh Stage. This Stage is of Sakshi Bhava… of Bliss… of Anand… Absolute Centeredness… Total Dissolution/Merger/Union … Turiya. Why talk about it, when we can (try to) experience it?

Now, lets do something…..let is replace the word STAGE with another word - ORBIT.

ORBIT-1 : Dukha – Kashta (Affliction)

ORBIT-2 : Gyan (Knowledge)

ORBIT-3 : KarmaUdhyamParakram (Action)

ORBIT-4 : Sharir & Maan (Body & Mind)

ORBIT-5 : Sukha – Shanti – Santushti (Peace & Happiness)

ORBIT-6 : Pragya (Higher Intellect)

ORBIT-7 : Sakshi (Bliss…Witnessing with Super Consciousness)

And further some more additions to this Table:

ORBIT-1 : Dukha – Kashta (Affliction) - SATURN (Shani)

ORBIT-2 : Gyan (Knowledge) – JUPITER (Brihaspati)

ORBIT-3 : KarmaUdhyamParakram (Action) – MARS ( Mangal)

ORBIT-4 : Sharir & Maan (Body & Mind) – EARTH (Prithvi) & MOON (Chandra)

ORBIT-5 : Sukha – Shanti – Santushti (Peace & Happiness) – VENUS (Shukra)

ORBIT-6 : Pragya (Higher Intellect) – MERCURY (Budha)

ORBIT-7 : Sakshi (Bliss…Witnessing with Super Consciousness) – SUN (Surya)

Yat Pinde Tat Bramhande…Yes, it’s our Solar System indeed. What we see around us, on the earth and over the sky is nothing but a reflection of the Inner World. The Solar System in which we live, thus maps a Path for the Journey of our own Consciousness.

Casting a closer look we would notice that the first three Orbits (of Shani, Brihaspati & Mangal) depict those States, where the Consciousness can be categorized to fall in Vaishvanara, as per the Mandukyopnishad. Most of our Life goes into witnessing activities, which are shuffling between these states only. Is it not evident when we look around the Society around us? These are the most popular Orbits that need immediate appeasement for immediate Benefits – Don’t we see a large number of people flocking around Hanuman Temples on Shanivar, around SaiBaba Temples on Brihaspativar, around Ganapati Temples on Mangalvar??? They get popular attention, as they produce popular afflictions due to the majority surviving on the outermost periphery of Consciousness, The Vaishvanara State.

The fourth and fifth Orbits (of Prithvi + Chandra & Shukra) are the States of Teijasa, where the Subconscious gets identified and experienced. The sixth orbit (of Budha) is Pragya which is connection to the Unconscious Realm and the Seventh Core (Surya) being The State of Turiya (Sakshi Bhava). One reason that people of Finer Arts (like, Poets, Musicians, Painters…) & Higher Intellect (like, Scientists, Philosophers, Leaders…) are often Quoted, for their consciousness prevails in the 5th (Shukra) & 6th (Budha) Orbit. Such individuals often are known for working beyond their physical capacities…simply because they have transcended the 4th Orbit of Body & Mind.

Once the Consciousness is centered at the Core (Surya), the Being simply becomes a Witness. A Witness to the Play of Karma acting upon the Jiva. Also due to its unveiled access to The Abundant Unconscious, one can get connected to the “Experiences of Cosmic Karma” and not only the Jiva alone, at various Planes of these Orbits. All these planes……of Dukha-Kashta, Gyan, Parakram, Sharir & Maan, Sukha-Shanti and Pragya does influence the course of this Being’s existence, however, that experience is an Experience from the Altar of Enlightenment. It is an experience of Enlightened pain, Enlightened affliction, Enlightened enthusiasm, Enlightened weariness, Enlightened fatigue, Enlightened emotion, Enlightened confidence, Enlightened worry, Enlightened doubt, Enlightened positivism or Enlightened success/failure…while remaining aloof in a “State of Witnessing”. A State of Witnessing that is destined to shower upon every Individual, when one completes his Journey towards the Sun.

Writer’s Note: This article, written through intuitive immediacy, may not have any Shastra reference.